After devastating nuclear strikes had destroyed most major cities and killed off most of the population, Africa’s countries crumbled and its remaining inhabitants chose to live the life of their ancestors – gathering in small villages far away from the old cities, tilling the soil, hunting in the forests.
But radiation had contaminated Africa’s once fertile soils, and Death continued to walk among them.
When a stranger came from the North, the situation changed. He gave them hope and showed them how to grow plants in the barren soil.
He also told them of a saviour who would come one day, and of the angry gods who punished humankind with fire.
His name was DevDey, and he led the settlements through hard times and helped them flourish again. Today, his name is a part of many songs and

“Before the Gods turned away from us, they punished our arrogance with the white light THEY poured from the sky.
THEY burned our skin and made our eyes turn blind.
THEY built a monument from formless darkness. This reminder of our unworthiness stands tall in the lands of eternal purity.
So clean yourselves daily to become pure again, and bow your heads in humility.
The world was dying. Yet while it withered away, it gave birth to new life. And we are the keepers of this new life. Be aware of your responsibilities.”

-from DevDey’s last speech to his people

The way of the Settlers is one of contemplation, of arts and craftsmanship rather than one of brute force – yet when forced to fight, they are well able to defend themselves.